about Us

Nodal Construction & Electrical Associates Is a family based business established in 1973. It all started with Jose Nodal Sr. coming to the US in a quest for a better life and a dream of starting his own business. Where he could use his passion for building, designing, and electricity to move forward and one day start a family. It was just a dream at that point but it took a junior in 1989 to make this a reality. Jose Jr. first started going to work with his dad at the young age of 8 his father wanted him to learn the world at an early age so that he could defend himself for the years to come, to Jose Jr. It was Just a chance to earn an allowance but what he didn't know then was that those where going to be the stepping stones into a long, successful, and promising future. Jose Jr. loved the world of construction, he enjoyed building creating so much that by the young age of 22 became the first to become a Certified General Contractor he decided that he was going to push his dad to move forward and that he would be the one to start a Construction Company, to stop working for others and make a name for themselves. At the age 27 with the support of his family, core values, and experience in the construction/electrical field he became the first again in his family to obtain an Electrical Contractor License. Today this company has gone big with a reputable number of clients, outstanding customer service, and attention to detail, even youngest son to Jose Sr. Michael is entering the electrical world and studying to obtain an Electrical Contractor License. The whole Nodal family is on board working together taking this business further. You see here at Nodal Construction & Electrical Associates we don't Just have employees we have a family with integrity, hard-work, honesty and professionalism we apply at work what we learn at home. Thank you for letting us share our story and we look forward to doing business with you and making you a part of our family.

With Gratitude,

The Nodal Family